Renu Joshi

Renu Joshi, Ph.D.

Botanist, researcher

I am an independent researcher in plant science and highly active in the Botanical fraternity as a contributor by writing review articles in prestigious journals, journal reviewer, interacting on platforms like ResearchGate and Quora by writing highly engaging content and responses.

This site is made and maintained with an objective of simplifying plant science by writing simple blogs of different topics in the subject those are easy to understand and cater to people from various background and don't necessarily need to be from Botany expertise.

You are encouraged to read and suggest feedback for further enrichment of the site contents. Also, for articles of more scientific in nature or to read my active responses, connect with me on ResearchGate, Quora, Twitter or my Facebook pages.

Thanks and have a happy learning !

Renu Joshi, Ph.D.

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