• Renu Joshi, Ph. D.

Biosynthesis of Protein in Plants under Different Environmental Factors

Protein is an organic compound commonly found in living organisms. The building block of the protein is the amino acid. Protein provides energy and structural material for living system and is the essential component of the membranes. Protein is synthesized by translation of mRNA through a two-step process commonly known as the central dogma of life. It provides channels for the movement of the molecules ions across the membranes. It also provides defensive mechanism against pathogens. Some proteins are produced at specific condition like heat shock protein cold shock protein. These proteins enable the plants to cope with adverse environmental effects. Plants also preserve proteins in some storage organs like seeds. These proteins are known as seed storage protein. These proteins are directly synthesized in rough endoplasmic reticulum and accumulate in storage structure of seeds

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Renu Joshi, Ph.D.
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