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Transferring Plants from Pot to Ground

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Adding fertilizer in small plants grown in the pot is essential for their growth, considering the confined surrounding for expansion. It is important that in order to provide a natural growing environment, at an appropriate time, the plants are transferred to the ground. In the process, it is recommended adding fertilizers for faster plant growth. While at the surface level most of the plants get the nutrients from usual fertilizing supplies that may make this deeper fertilizing discretionary however can be considered for expedited plant growth with the provision of fertilizers in a controlled manner.

To transfer a plant from the pot to ground, begin by digging a hole in the ground, approximately two times as wide as the pot and roughly an inches deeper. Cautiously remove the plant, in addition to the roots and dirt, from the pot. It should come out easily, but you might need to cut it with a knife into eliminating all of it in one go. Place the entire lot at the base of the hole and add an inch of soil around the roots.

Add just about enough water to cover this dirt, then continue to add layers of water and soil until the roots are covered. Now allow the entire lot sit for a while until to have the water is absorbed and the mix has settled. Package it down with your foot so the roots and plant are held firmly in place. Finally, add the rest of the ground until the pit is filled in, but just to the top of the dirt from the pot since you will need to leave some space for compost. Add compost around the plant, about two inches deep, but make sure you leave a gap of roughly an inch near the stem - you don't need the compost coming into contact with the plant because this increases the possible risk of insect attacks. Lightly pull the stem to ensure it is firmly packed in and then if it moves them you will need to stamp a little harder to really pack the plant into the soil. To complete the planting, you simply have to water it one more time and you have a nice and stable plant transferred on a fertile ground!

Remember to sample the soil before planting

Renu Joshi, Ph.D.
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